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Microsoft Key Office 2021 Home & Student best seller

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Microsoft Key Office 2021

Microsoft officially launched its office software package Microsoft key  Office 2021 this week in conjunction with the launch of the new version of Windows 11, which is the version or independent version for individuals and businesses of the famous Office programs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others, for people who prefer to avoid subscribing to the Microsoft 365 service that provides Cloud or online copy of these programs for a monthly subscription.

What is the price Microsoft of key Office 2021?

The Microsoft Office 2021 office package is available for individuals and students at a price of $150, which includes the Word document editing program, the famous Excel spreadsheet program, the PowerPoint presentation program, the OneNote note-taking program, in addition to Microsoft Teams, for both Windows devices. 10 and 11 and Mac computers.
And now we offer it to you for only $11.99

The business version for businesses is also available from key Office 2021 or Office Home and Business 2021 at a price of $ 250, which is the version that includes the same programs as the version for students and individuals, in addition to the famous email management program Outlook, with the rights to use all office applications for work purposes or commercially.

Microsoft said that the new version of Windows or Windows 11 will not support the previous version of Office 2013, meaning that Windows 11 users need to upgrade to Microsoft  key Office 2021 or subscribe to the Microsoft 365 office service that provides a copy of Office programs in the cloud or online, and also confirmed that Microsoft key Office 2021 and Microsoft 365 both require a Microsoft account sign-in and an Internet connection.

For comparison, the Microsoft 365 office package that provides Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Editor, and Microsoft Family Safety is available for a monthly subscription of $7 per month or $70 per year for individuals or personal use, and at a cost of $100 per year for families and families up to 6 Individuals.

And now we offer it to you for only $11.99

What are the features of Office 2021?


The features of both Microsoft  key Office 2021 and the new Microsoft 365 include a new, better design that Microsoft says helps the user focus on performing his tasks, with better colors, rounded corners, and updated tabs to match the new Windows 11 design, with the ability to apply light or dark mode and synchronize it with the same default mode. in Windows system.

Microsoft key office 2021 professional plus

The Office 2021 features also include integration with the Microsoft Teams service, which allows communication with others to collaborate in performing tasks and making plans, including chatting, video calls, creating and voting polls, and others, and Microsoft said that the Teams application will be available to Office 2021 users from On Windows 10 and Mac computers too.

Office 2021 office programs are integrated with the OneDrive cloud storage service, so that the user can collaborate in real time with others to edit documents and save them directly online and access them from any other device anywhere, and Microsoft provides 5 GB free for each account with the ability to purchase more storage space .

The various Microsoft key Office 2021 programs support many new features, such as providing the advantages of the XLOOKUP function, support for variable matrices, the LET function to assign names to the results of calculations, and the XMATCH function, which allows searching for a specific element in an array or range of cells and returns the relative position of the element in Excel, in addition to supporting format support OpenDocument (ODF) 1.3, performance improvements, and new PowerPoint features including video recording of slideshows and arranging of slide elements to fit screen readers.

And the Outlook email management program in Microsoft key Office 2021 gets features that allow adding annotations to email messages and translating messages into more than 70 languages, in addition to the instant search feature to get results in real time.


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